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What is the purpose of the video(s)? What effect should the video(s) have on the target audience? What should it make them think, feel or do?
Who is the intended audience? Age, interests etc.
What do you want to say or show? What content do you want to include in the video - feel free to include a short shot list if you like.
Is there a preferred style or tone for the video(s)? Have you seen any videos that you like? Feel free to provide links to any reference material.
Where will the video(s) be seen e.g. brand website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, television, cinema, event screening etc.
Please list all deliverables required for this project. e.g. 1x 60-90” hero video 1x 30” social edit 3x 15” social edits 3x 15” social edits Do you require any fast turnaround edits for publishing same day/next day?
Are there any supporting campaign or promotional activities surrounding the video(s) that we should be aware of?
What are the key dates for the project. e.g. shoot date, edit deadline, final masters, distribution date.
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