Visit Victoria Aerials

Luminaire Pictures was commissioned by Visit Victoria to capture a suite of aerial video assets to be used in destination marketing campaigns for Melbourne and Victoria.

We captured footage across three key regions including Melbourne, the Victorian High Country and the Mornington Peninsula.

We provided end-to-end production services for the project from production management, shot lists, flight planning, aviation permits and operations to aerial cinematography, editing, colour grading and final delivery.

Visit Victoria

Production Company
Luminaire Pictures

Producer, Director & Editor: Ryan Blair
Helicopter DOP: Peter Beeh
Helicopter & Pilot: Professional Helicopter Services
Drone Aerials: Hayden Smith
Colourist: Julien Chichignoud


Reel featuring a selection of shots we captured for Melbourne:

High Country

Selection of video frames from the High Country shoot:

High Country 1
High Country 2
High Country 3
High Country 5
High Country 4
High Country 6
High Country 7
High Country 8
High Country 9
High Country 10
High Country 11
High Country 12
High Country 13
High Country 15
High Country 14


Selection of video frames from the Mornington shoot:

Mornington 1
Mornington 2
Mornington 3
Mornington 4
Mornington 5
Mornington 6
Mornington 7
Mornington 8
Mornington 9
Mornington 10
Mornington 11
Mornington 13
Mornington 14
Mornington 15
Mornington 16
Mornington 17

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