NIB ROAR Analysis series, produced for NIB and Richmond Football Club

Working with agency KOJO, Luminaire Pictures provided production services for this series which examines key performance attributes of some of Richmond Football Club’s key players.

We provided a film crew for the shoot including DOP, camera assistant and gaffer.

Training sessions were filmed on our RED 6K camera and we shot the player sequences on the ultra high speed Phantom Flex 4K camera so that the player’s movement could be slowed down in post to highlight key actions.

NIB Roar Analysis: Kicking

NIB ROAR Analysis: Agility

NIB ROAR Analysis: Handballing

NIB ROAR Analysis: Jumping

NIB ROAR Analysis: Running

NIB ROAR Analysis: Tackling

Client: NIB & Richmond Football Club
Agency: KOJO
Director: Phil Moule
Ryan Blair

AC: Redmond Stevenson
Gaffer: Dan Carr
Camera Format:
Phantom Flex 4K & RED Dragon 6K
Lens: Zeiss Master Primes

Luminaire Pictures provided:
• Camera crew including DOP, Camera Assistant and Gaffer
• Phantom Flex 4K camera package
• RED Dragon 6K camera package
• Zeiss Master Prime lens kit