To promote Zack Snyder’s latest film, Netflix Rebel Moon, fans were given the opportunity to ‘star’ in a trailer for the film.

Netflix took the immersive experience to audiences globally, with the Australian activation showcased at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne.

Luminaire Pictures was engaged by creative experience agency FutureLabs as a production partner for the Melbourne activation to coordinate the filming component, providing film crew and equipment.

Rebel Moon 3
Rebel Moon 2A

Immersive Fan Experience

Fans were filmed on set and inserted into scenes from the film.

Within minutes of filming, fans received a link to download their trailer and behind the scenes photos of them on set.

Hollywood Film Set

Netflix’s vision was to bring an authentic ‘Hollywood’ film set experience to the fans and match the production quality of the film.

We used our high-end RED camera, anamorphic lenses and lighting to create fan trailers that looked as close as possible to the film.

Rebel Moon 4
Netflix Rebel Moon 1

Virtual Production

Scenes from the film, displayed on a large volumetric screen behind the fans, were 3D tracked to the camera to match the perspective as the camera moved.

The integration of footage of the fans filmed on set by our team with scenes from the film was all made possible by the virtual set, powered by Unreal Engine, managed by Nant Studios.


FutureLabs / Alt Shift / Extra Credit LA

Luminaire Pictures Crew
• DOP – Ryan Blair
• Camera Assistant – Michael Sanders
• Production Assistant – Scott Langman

We provided
• Camera, dolly, anamorphic lens kit, lighting, video distribution and monitors
• Film crew including DOP, Camera Assistant and Production Assistant

Live feed for 3D tracking and Netflix onsite social media edit team

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