The ultimate race! Three days, over three thousand kilometers – Mazda3 vs The Ghan.

Working with Mazda Australia, Luminaire Pictures provided a video crew to capture the journey of The Ghan as it races against the Mazda3 in a three-part online video series.

We also provided post production including colour grade of the three-part series and editing of the teaser used to promote the series.


In this ambitious three-day challenge of speed, efficiency and power, the Mazda3 will cross 3,034km of merciless outback terrain from Darwin to Adelaide in an attempt to beat the mighty Ghan.

Episode 1

While the Mazda 3 races ahead after an early start, there is a very surprising Platinum Service on The Ghan. With off-train excursions over the Nitmiluk Gorge and a visit to an Outback ghost town, it’s a must-watch start to this amazing challenge.

Episode 2

Will Mazda make it to South Australia ahead of the mighty Ghan? Watch Day 2 of the epic three-day challenge.

Episode 3

With only 600km left, Riana has taken the lead overnight leaving Luke with a do-or-die decision to catch up, either fill up on fuel or press the pedal on the All-New Mazda3 till it lasts! Will Luke’s gamble pay off and get him across the line ahead of The Ghan?

Client: Mazda Australia
Producer/Camera (Ghan Unit): Ryan Blair
Teaser Producer/Editor:
Ryan Blair
Colourist: Dan Stonehouse

Luminaire Pictures provided:
• Video crew for filming The Ghan
• Camera equipment
• Colour grade and mastering for the 3-part online video series
• Editing, colour grade and final mastering of the campaign teaser