Branded Video Series

Mazda Vs The Ghan


The ultimate race. Three days, over three thousand kilometers – Mazda3 versus The Ghan.

Mazda Australia engaged Luminaire Pictures to film the journey of The Ghan racing against the Mazda3 in a three part branded video series.

We also provided video post production services including editing and colour grading.

The Ghan is an epic train journey across Australia’s remote landscapes of the Northern Territory from Darwin, stopping in Alice Springs and on to Adelaide in South Australia.

Covering over three thousand kilometers on the bitumen, The Mazda3 was challenged to beat The Ghan to Adelaide.

Watch the videos to find out how it all played out.


In this ambitious three-day challenge of speed, efficiency and power, the Mazda3 will cross 3,034km of merciless outback terrain from Darwin to Adelaide in an attempt to beat the mighty Ghan.

Episode 1

While the Mazda 3 races ahead after an early start, there is a very surprising Platinum Service on The Ghan. With off-train excursions over the Nitmiluk Gorge and a visit to an Outback ghost town, it’s a must-watch start to this amazing challenge.

Episode 2

Will Mazda make it to South Australia ahead of the mighty Ghan? Watch Day 2 of the epic three-day challenge.

Episode 3

With only 600km left, Riana has taken the lead overnight leaving Luke with a do-or-die decision to catch up, either fill up on fuel or press the pedal on the All-New Mazda3 till it lasts! Will Luke’s gamble pay off and get him across the line ahead of The Ghan?

To find out more about the epic journey that is The Ghan visit

Client: Mazda Australia
Project: Mazda Vs The Ghan Three Part Branded Video Series and Teaser Video
Genre: Automotive branded video content

Luminaire Pictures provided:
• Production crew and equipment
• Colour grade and mastering for the 3-part branded video series
• Video editing, colour grade and final mastering of the campaign teaser for web and social media distribution

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