ATV Commercial
Honda Australia

ATV commercial we shot for Honda Motorcycles Australia in Dalby, Queensland, Australia.

When you need a machine you can rely on in the tough conditions Australian farmers are faced with, Honda is a brand that comes to mind. The Honda ATV range is build to work.

Honda Motorcycles Australia along with MotoGP legend Daryl Beattie visited the property of Wayne and David Lobwein, from “Nahweenah “in Dalby, who grow maize, sorghum, soybeans, barley and wheat, to show what the Honda ATV range can do.

Agency: Furphy Media
ClientHonda Australia
Project: Honda ATV Commercial
Genre: Television Commercial
Director / Producer:
Harley Hamer
DOP / Cinematographer:
Ryan Blair

Camera: Canon EOS C100
Lens: Canon L Series

Luminaire Pictures provided:
• Camera crew: DOP / Cinematographer
• Camera equipment including C100 camera kit
• Canon CN-E Prime Lens Kit
• D
irector and client monitors with wireless video links