We create content that engages audiences through storytelling and compelling visuals to entertain, inform and inspire.

Our background

Luminaire Pictures was created in 2012 by Ryan Blair who has worked in video content production for over 15 years as a producer, director and cinematographer.

With a background in creative, agency and client roles, Ryan leads an integrated approach to the creative and strategic development of video content.

Our network of talented collaborators bring their passion and specialist skills to every project across creative ideation, project management, filmmaking and content marketing.

Our people are creative, technical, innovative, love what they do and are fun to work with!

The Luminaire Pictures camera crew are filming an interview with a chef in a new restaurant in Melbourne. The room is a warehouse space and is partially renovated with building materials scattered around. Three crew are crouched in front of the interviewee with filming equipment. Another two crew are seated at a desk with a monitor and laptop.

Luminaire Pictures – video production company Melbourne

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