September 1, 2016

Wild Animal Reunions – Nigel The Wombat


Luminaire Pictures Producer/Director Ryan Blair field produced this heart-warming story for the BBC’s ITV channel which follows the reunion of Nigel the wombat with his carer Emily Small.

Emily, with her mother Sharon run a wombat orphanage based in Goongerah. Goongerah is nestled between mountains in Far East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. This remote town is amongst national parks and rainforests, being home to many species of Australian wildlife.

This story reveals the surprisingly affectionate, intelligent and emotional nature of wombats and the close bonds that they form with their human carers. We capture the moment that Nigel is reunited with Emily after having been released into the wild for some time.

Production Company: Tigress Productions UK
Field Producer/Director: Ryan Blair
DOP: David Franjic