June 3, 2017

Lonely Planet Port Douglas Shoot

Luminaire Pictures Cinematographer Ryan Blair spent 3-days escaping Melbourne winter to shoot a feature story up north in sunny Port Douglas for Lonely Planet interviewing one of the local aboriginal artists about his work, his connection to the land and a day out on the reef diving with sea turtles.

Ryan shot this story on our Canon C100 which is a favourite for doco/travel assignments ‘The C100 camera continues to prove itself as a fantastic documentary and travel camera allowing me to pack light, shoot all day on 1-2 batteries and keep on shooting after the sun goes down with it’s low light ability. The DJI Phantom 3 was used to capture aerials and GoPro Hero5s for some of the water sequences’. – Ryan.

The story is being edited back at Lonely Planet, hopefully we’ll be able to post the story here once it’s done.


Production shot of interview with presenter @danflyingsolo

UPDATE 30/8/17

The video has now been published, watch it here: