White Night Melbourne

For three years running Luminaire Pictures was commissioned by Visit Victoria to produce the official event highlights video for White Night Melbourne.

Footage was captured during the all night event, from 7pm to 7am then edited, ready for distribution to media and social media the next morning.

White Night Melbourne 2013

Two camera crews, an epic twelve hour event with locations across the city and the video was edited and published at the same time the event wrapped!

The video was uploaded to Tourism Victoria’s YouTube channel at 7am and was approaching 7,000 video views in less than 24 hours. Just 3 days following the event, the video reached 34,000 organic views on YouTube, briefly making YouTube’s ‘Popular Videos’.

Luminaire Pictures secured a feature publication with where the video was published as the lead video for the day.

The video was also published on and

Watch as Melbourne is transformed into an all-night wonderland for everyone to explore. From dusk til dawn, over 80 free events celebrated music, food, film, art and light.

With over 40 sites, more than 300 artists and acts by local and international artists, White Night Melbourne ranged from small intimate experiences to large spectacles. Melbourne’s top cultural institutions, theatres, galleries, restaurants and bars kept their doors open to provide extra-special encounters in this nocturnal journey.

White Night, which is the anglicisation of Nuit Blanche, was originally conceived in Paris, France in 2002, in an attempt to make art and culture accessible to large audiences, within public spaces.

Melbourne became the first city in Australia to join the ranks of twenty three global cities producing similar all-night events. Melbourne’s inaugural White night saw over 300,000 people attend, exceeding expectations and becoming one of the largest events of its kind in Australia.

White Night Melbourne 2014

For the second year running Luminaire Pictures captured the White Night Melbourne experience. The all night event ran from 7pm to 7am and the video was edited and published the next morning!


White Night Melbourne 2015

The Luminaire Pictures crew again captured the White Night Melbourne experience as Melbourne was transformed into an all-night wonderland of colour and light.

Client: Visit Victoria